Frontier Markets: Articles of the Week (10th Aug – 16th Aug)

Compilation of Frontier Market related articles across the web from 10th August 2020 to 16th August 2020. Last week’s edition can be found here.

Articles of the Week:

Frontier Markets Turning To Geothermal Energy

In pursuit of alternatives to oil and gas production, some Frontier Markets are turning to the exploration and development of volcanically active hotspots. African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Zambia have been making a push to exploit geothermal energy as a means of generating renewable forms of power.

Rise From The Ashes? – South African Equities Are On A Tear

Global investment research and macro strategy firm Economics Global takes a deep look into the South African market’s performance against its Emerging Market and African peers during the current market recovery, as well as analysing the risks that investors and trades should be mindful of.

Vietnam Holdings Continues To Outperform Local Stock Indices In July

Vietnam Holdings Ltd (Ticker: VNH) continued to outperform Vietnam’s local stock indices in July. The fund declined -2.1% during the month, but beat the Vietnam All-Share Index which closed -3.6% in the same period.

Nigeria Has The Highest Number Of Crypto Users In 2020

A new survey conducted by Statista revealed that Nigeria ranks first among countries with the highest number of citizens to have used or owned cryptocurrencies. Crypto activity in Nigeria has been on the rise since April and is forecast to see further increases before the end of the year.

MSCI Frontier Markets Index August 2020 Review: No Additions Or Deletions

Index compiler Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) confirmed that there will be no changes to the MSCI Frontier Markets Index, nor any changes to the Small Cap segment and standalone indices.

Statistics of the Week:

  • Latvia’s Current Account surplus narrowed drastically in June from EUR 125m to EUR 5m.
  • Serbia holds Interest Rates at 1.25%.
  • Estonia’s Unemployment Rate jumps to 7.1% in Q2, from 5%.
  • Ukraine recorded a Balance Of Trade deficit of -$656m in June.

Tweets of the Week:

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