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Looking to become a contributor or guest blogger?

As a relatively new website looking to establish a sizable presence in the Frontier Market (and to a smaller extent the Emerging Market) space, Frontier Market News is open to the option of providing a platform for writers, journalists, analysts or anyone with an interest in the field.

Types of contributions include:

One-Off – this will require a short pitch (around 100 words) on an idea you wish to write about.

Correspondent – this option is for those who wish to write more than one article. Please provide some background information about yourself and what interests you. Due to the nature of the position, there will be no set frequency for your to write articles (i.e: you can write as much or as little as you like whenever you want, as long as it’s informative!)

Fields of interest include (but not limited to):


Frontier Markets; Emerging Markets; region-specific (i.e: Asia, Africa etc.); ETFs & other investment products; politics & geopolitical issues; stock markets; trade & investment pacts/agreements.

Please fill out the form below. We will endeavor to respond to all correspondence within 48 hours.

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