List of Frontier Market Investment Trusts


There are numerous way to gain exposure to Frontier Markets, and alongside exchange traded funds, investment trusts are a popular method for investors to acquire adequate proportions of these markets in their portfolios.

The investment trusts on this page are split into four categories:

Global – these investment trusts have holdings in multiple countries across the globe in order to gain exposure to a wide variety of nations.

Regional – these investment trusts focus on a specific continent or region. Their scope is not as wide ranging as global investment trusts, but are much broader than their country-specific counterparts.

Country-Specific – these investment trusts only have holdings in one particular country, allowing investors to pinpoint the exact nation they wish to be exposed to.

Proposed ITs – investment trusts under this category have been proposed, filed or are almost ready to be launched on an exchange.

In order to make the list, Frontier Markets must comprise of at least 5% of the investment trust’s country allocation.

(last updated: 21st August 2020)

Global Frontier Market Investment Trusts

Investment Trusts that have holdings in multiple countries across the world

BlackRock Frontiers GB00B3SXM832
Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income GB00BDR05757
Mobius Investment Trust GB00BFZ7R980

Regional Frontier Market Investment Trusts

Investment Trusts that allow exposure into a particular continent or region

Africa Opportunity KYG012921048
BlackRock Latin American GB0005058408
Cambria Africa* IM00B28CVH58
Eastern European Property Fund GB00B0XQ3R24
PME African Infrastructure Opportunities IM00B1WSL611

* Cambria Africa invests in Zimbabwe, which is classified as a Fringe Market

Country-Specific Frontier Market Investment Trusts

Investment Trusts that provide exposure in one specific country

Vietnam Enterprise KYG9361H1092
VietNam Holding KYG9361X1043
VinaCapital Vietnam Opp Fund GG00BYXVT888
Qatar Investment Fund IM00B1Z40704

(Primary source: Morningstar)

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