Malta International Airport Added To MSCI Malta Index

In its Quarterly Index Review for May 2020, leading index provider Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) has announced that Malta International Airport (MIA MV) has been added to the MSCI Malta Index.

The decision to include Malta International Airport means that it will join Bank of Valletta as a Standard Size-Segment constituent in the MSCI Malta Investable Market Index, which was launched last year as a standalone index for Malta. Its market cap of €662 million will make it the largest constituent in the Index.

Malta International Airport is the only airport that serves the Maltese islands and derives the majority of its revenue from passenger and aircraft traffic. Revenues, just like its recent share price which has declined by almost 30% since the beginning of the year, are expected to take a hit due to the ongoing Global Coronavirus Outbreak. 29.9% of the shares are owned by the general public, while the remaining are owned by Malta Mediterranean Link Consortium (40%), the Government of Malta (20%) and VIE Malta Limited (10.1%).

MSCI also announced that HSBC Bank Malta will be added to the Small Cap Segment of the MSCI Malta Index and will join Marsa-based telecommunications company GO plc and specialist payments software company RS2 Software.

The five securities in the MSCI Malta Investable Market Index are below (note that the stats are as at Tuesday 12th May 2020):

Company Market Cap Perf YTD Yield Segment
MALTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT PLC € 662,970,000 -28.99% 0.62% Standard
BANK OF VALLETTA PLC € 607,200,000 -1.89% 2.50% Standard
GO PLC € 391,060,000 -9.39% 3.68% Small Cap
HSBC BANK MALTA € 363,910,000 -22.31% 3.84% Small Cap
RS2 SOFTWARE PLC € 362,780,000 -12.15% 2.65% Small Cap
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